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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
101158 Myocardial infarction decreases_expression of UHRF2 in cardiomyocytes
21771878 Myocardial infarction
101360 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with KAT5
101432 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with HDAC1
101433 UHRF2 increases_activity of KAT5
101435 UHRF2 increases_activity of protein ubiquitination of KAT5
101436 UHRF2 affects_activity of histone H3-K9 acetylation
101437 UHRF2 affects_activity of histone H3-K14 acetylation
101438 UHRF2 affects_activity of Cancer
27743347 Cancer
101361 UHRF2 increases_ubiquitination/sumoylation of CCND1
101474 UHRF2 increases_ubiquitination/sumoylation of CCNE1
101475 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with PCNP
101476 UHRF2 increases_ubiquitination/sumoylation of PCNP
101477 UHRF2 increases_activity of protein ubiquitination of PCNP
101478 cell differentiation increases_expression of UHRF2
101479 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with CCNA2
101483 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with CCNB1
101484 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with CDK2
101485 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with CDK4
101486 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with CDK6
101487 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with RB1
101488 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with TP53
101489 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with PCNA
101490 UHRF2 decreases_activity of cell population proliferation
22673569 Cancer
103090 UHRF2 affects_activity of epithelial to mesenchymal transition
103091 UHRF2 affects_activity of cell migration in gastric cancer cell lines
103092 UHRF2 affects_activity of tumor invasion in gastric cancer cell lines
103093 UHRF2 increases_expression of TFAP2C
103094 UHRF2 increases_expression of EYA1
103095 UHRF2 increases_expression of ZNF451
103096 UHRF2 increases_expression of DLX1
103097 UHRF2 increases_expression of RUNX1
103098 UHRF2 increases_expression of CHD7
103099 UHRF2 increases_expression of TCF12
103100 UHRF2 increases_expression of WWTR1
103101 UHRF2 increases_expression of DEAF1
103102 UHRF2 increases_expression of CDCA7L
103103 UHRF2 increases_expression of TWIST2
103104 UHRF2 increases_expression of DBP
103105 UHRF2 increases_expression of ACTR5
103106 UHRF2 increases_expression of HNF1B
103107 UHRF2 increases_expression of HELLS
103108 UHRF2 increases_expression of MXD4
103109 UHRF2 increases_expression of NFE2L2
103110 UHRF2 increases_expression of TCF3
103111 UHRF2 increases_expression of TFEB
103112 UHRF2 increases_expression of FOXC2
103113 UHRF2 increases_expression of ZMYND11
103114 UHRF2 increases_expression of SATB2
103115 UHRF2 increases_expression of TCF7L2
103116 UHRF2 increases_expression of ZMYND8
103117 UHRF2 increases_expression of TRRAP
103118 UHRF2 affects_activity of Wnt signaling pathway via TRRAP, TCF7L2, TFEB, and TCF3
103119 UHRF2 affects_activity of transforming growth factor beta receptor signaling pathway via FOXC2 and DLX1
103120 UHRF2 affects_activity of MAPK cascade via TWIST2
103121 UHRF2 affects_activity of hippo signaling via WWTR1
103122 UHRF2 decreases_expression of CDH1 via epigenetic silencing
27114453 Cancer
103123 UHRF2 increases_activity of histone H3-K9 acetylation in L02 cells
103124 UHRF2 decreases_activity of histone H3-K9 acetylation in HepG2 cancer cells
28004105 Cancer
103125 UHRF2 affects_activity of ZNF131 via sumoylation at Lys567
103126 UHRF2 affects_activity of protein sumoylation
103127 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with UBE2I
23404503 Cancer
103306 Lung cancer decreases_expression of UHRF2
103556 UHRF2 decreases_activity of cell population proliferation in non-small cell lung cancer cells
103557 UHRF2 decreases_activity of tumor invasion in non-small cell lung cancer cells
103558 UHRF2 decreases_activity of cell migration in non-small cell lung cancer cells
103560 UHRF2 increases_expression of TET2
103565 UHRF2 increases_expression of TET2
30210621 Lung cancer
103580 fibroblast growth factor receptor signaling pathway affects_expression of UHRF2
103584 UHRF2 increases_expression of BAK1
103587 UHRF2 increases_expression of CDKN1A
103589 UHRF2 decreases_activity of cartilage development
103591 UHRF2 increases_activity of cellular senescence
103593 UHRF2 affects_activity of DNA methylation
31024001 Cancer
103309 UHRF2 affects_activity of neurodegeneration
103594 UHRF2 affects_activity of learning or memory
103598 UHRF2 affects_activity of abnormal dentate gyrus morphology
103599 UHRF2 affects_activity of hippocampus
28900727 Cancer
103310 UHRF2 affects_activity of seizures
103600 UHRF2 affects_quantity of 5-Methylcytosine in brain
103602 UHRF2 affects_activity of abnormal electroencephalography
28402695 Cancer
103311 TGFB1 increases_expression of UHRF2 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
103605 UHRF2 increases_expression of CDH1
103606 UHRF2 decreases_activity of tumor invasion in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
103607 UHRF2 decreases_activity of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
29909415 Esophageal cancer
103314 Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma increases_expression of UHRF2
103608 UHRF2 affects_activity of tumor invasion in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
103609 UHRF2 affects_activity of cell migration in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
103610 UHRF2 affects_activity of cell population proliferation in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
103611 UHRF2 affects_expression of CDH1 in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
103612 UHRF2 decreases_activity of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
29270024 Cancer
103315 Glioma affects_expression of UHRF2
103613 UHRF2 affects_activity of cell population proliferation in glioma cell line
103614 UHRF2 affects_activity of apoptotic process in glioma cell line
103615 UHRF2 affects_activity of cell cycle arrest in glioma cell line
23244124 Cancer
103317 Cancer decreases_expression of UHRF2
103616 Cancer affects_activity of UHRF2 via increased cytosolic UHRF2
27738314 Cancer
103318 Colorectal cancer increases_expression of UHRF2
103642 Colorectal cancer increases_quantity of UHRF2 in cytoplasm
103643 UHRF2 affects_activity of decreased cancer survival time
24573556 Cancer
103645 LRRK2 rs34637584 affects_expression of UHRF2
103652 ERK1 and ERK2 cascade affects_expression of UHRF2
23472874 Parkinson disease 8, autosomal dominant
103321 UHRF2 is_expressed_in aortic smooth muscle cell
103656 UHRF2 increases_activity of cellular response to DNA damage stimulus
24134842 Cardiovascular disease
103666 reproduction affects_expression of UHRF2
23598597 Cancer
103327 UHRF2 decreases_quantity of CDKN1A in HEK293 cells; via ubiquitination and degradation
103671 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with CDKN1A in nucleus
103672 UHRF2 increases_ubiquitination/sumoylation of CDKN1A
103673 UHRF2 increases_activity of DNA repair
29923055 Cancer
103328 UHRF2 increases_activity of E2F1
103679 E2F1 increases_expression of UHRF2
103681 E2F1 interacts (colocalizes) with UHRF2
103688 UHRF2 affects_activity of apoptotic process if induced by E2F1
103700 UHRF2 affects_expression of SLC32A1
103702 UHRF2 affects_expression of FHDC1
103703 UHRF2 affects_expression of CKB
103704 UHRF2 affects_expression of LY6H
103705 UHRF2 affects_expression of AKT1
103707 UHRF2 affects_expression of ZNF672
103708 UHRF2 affects_expression of LHX3
103709 UHRF2 affects_expression of CRIP2
103710 UHRF2 affects_expression of ADIPOR2
103711 UHRF2 affects_expression of PHF21B
103712 UHRF2 affects_expression of NFKBIB
103713 UHRF2 affects_expression of TRAF3
103714 UHRF2 affects_expression of JAG2
103715 UHRF2 affects_expression of PPP1R13B
103716 UHRF2 affects_expression of SIVA1
103717 UHRF2 affects_expression of CBX7
103718 UHRF2 affects_expression of CCNE1
103719 UHRF2 affects_expression of CSE1L
103721 UHRF2 affects_expression of MOAP1
103722 UHRF2 affects_expression of PDCD5
103723 UHRF2 affects_expression of BCL2L11
103724 UHRF2 affects_expression of HRK
103725 UHRF2 affects_expression of FOXO3
103726 UHRF2 affects_expression of FOXO1
23833190 Cancer
103329 PCNP interacts (colocalizes) with UHRF2
103729 UHRF2 affects_activity of regulation of cell cycle
12176013 Cancer
103732 UHRF2 increases_activity of polyglutamine aggregate degradation in nucleus
103765 UHRF2 interacts (colocalizes) with inclusion body in nucleus
103766 UHRF2 decreases_quantity of HTT in nucleus
103771 UHRF2 decreases_activity of neuronal intranuclear inclusions
103772 UHRF2 affects_activity of Polyglutamine neurodegenerative disease
19218238 Huntington disease
109141 UHRF2 affects_activity of learning or memory
109142 UHRF2 affects_expression of ADORA2A in hippocampus
109145 UHRF2 affects_expression of FOS in hippocampus
109146 UHRF2 affects_expression of DRD1 in hippocampus
109147 UHRF2 affects_expression of DRD2 in hippocampus
109148 UHRF2 affects_expression of GABRA2 in hippocampus
28115522 Cancer
109153 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL29 in embryonic stem cells
109154 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL7A in embryonic stem cells
109155 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL3 in embryonic stem cells
109156 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL28 in embryonic stem cells
109157 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL18A in embryonic stem cells
109158 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL4 in embryonic stem cells
109159 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPL27 in embryonic stem cells
109160 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of UPF1 in embryonic stem cells
109161 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of EZR in embryonic stem cells
109162 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of G3BP1 in embryonic stem cells
109163 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of PABPC1 in embryonic stem cells
109164 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of CSDE1 in embryonic stem cells
109165 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of FASN in embryonic stem cells
109166 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of SLC20A2 in embryonic stem cells
109167 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of NSFL1C in embryonic stem cells
109168 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of F11R in embryonic stem cells
109169 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of ACSL4 in embryonic stem cells
109170 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of VDAC1 in embryonic stem cells
109171 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of VPS36 in embryonic stem cells
109172 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of PCM1 in embryonic stem cells
109173 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of PDZD4 in embryonic stem cells
109174 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of UBE2N in embryonic stem cells
109175 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of USP5 in embryonic stem cells
109176 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of USP14 in embryonic stem cells
109177 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of SKP1 in embryonic stem cells
109178 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RPA1 in embryonic stem cells
109179 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of PSMA1 in embryonic stem cells
109180 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of SPRTN in embryonic stem cells
109181 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of MCM7 in embryonic stem cells
109182 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of EIF3H in embryonic stem cells
109183 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of EIF3C in embryonic stem cells
109184 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of NUDT21 in embryonic stem cells
109185 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of SRSF5 in embryonic stem cells
109186 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of HSP90AA1 in embryonic stem cells
109187 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of HDAC2 in embryonic stem cells
109188 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of DNMT3B in embryonic stem cells
109189 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of CNOT1 in embryonic stem cells
109190 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of ZFP42 in embryonic stem cells
109191 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of RNF10 in embryonic stem cells
109192 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of WDR61 in embryonic stem cells
109193 UHRF2 affects_ubiquitination/sumoylation of MED7 in embryonic stem cells
29055779 Cancer
109238 ZNF618 interacts (colocalizes) with UHRF2
27129234 Cancer