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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
455 GSK3B decreases_quantity of CTNNB1 by phosphorylating beta-catenin, targeting it for degradation;
754 GSK3B increases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1 in the absence of Wnt and if GSK3B is complexed with Axin and APC;
11527574 Alzheimer disease
981 MAPT decreases_expression of CTNNB1 if MAPT is overexpressed
984 GSK3B decreases_expression of CTNNB1 if GSK3B is overexpressed
985 GSK3B increases_activity of CTNNB1 if cotranfected with MAPT
14039 MAPT increases_activity of CTNNB1 if cotranfected with GSK3B
1899151 Alzheimer disease
3125 PSEN1 interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
3135 PSEN1 affects_quantity of CTNNB1
3136 CTNNB1 NOT affects_quantity of Amyloid beta peptide if CTNNB1 (beta-catenin) is overexpressed
12761548 Alzheimer disease
3210 PSEN1 interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
3234 CTNNB1 interacts (colocalizes) with GSK3B if PS1 is overexpressed
3246 PSEN1 decreases_quantity of CTNNB1
9746 GSK3B decreases_activity of CTNNB1 (if PS1 is overexpessed) by phosphorylation of CTNNB1 that can be therefore degradated;
10341227 Alzheimer disease
3288 PSEN1 affects_phosphorylation of CTNNB1
3307 GSK3B increases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1
45038 CTNNB1 increases_activity of canonical Wnt signaling pathway
12297048 Alzheimer disease
3931 PRKN interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
3933 PRKN decreases_quantity of CTNNB1
3951 WNT3A increases_activity of CTNNB1
3952 WNT3A decreases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1
3961 WNT3A increases_quantity of CTNNB1 in dopaminergic neurons
3974 PRKN decreases_quantity of CTNNB1
19591802 Parkinson disease
3975 PRKN decreases_quantity of CTNNB1 in ventral midbrain dopaminergic neurons
3979 PRKN NOT affects_expression of CTNNB1 in ventral midbrain dopaminergic neurons
3987 PRKN decreases_quantity of CTNNB1 in ventral midbrain dopaminergic neurons
19591802 Parkinson disease
4254 PTPRZ1 decreases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1
4255 PTPRZ1 interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
4256 PTN increases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1
10706604 Neurological
4349 Kenpaullone increases_quantity of CTNNB1
4350 CTNNB1 affects_activity of neuron differentiation in ventral mesencephalon
15522889 Neurological
Parkinson disease
6805 Schizophrenia decreases_expression of CTNNB1
9631433 Schizophrenia
6807 GSK3B affects_quantity of CTNNB1
17324475 Schizophrenia
25531 ZBED3 increases_activity of CTNNB1
25538 GSK3B increases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1
19141611 Diabetes mellitus, type II
Insulin resistance
46192 ESR2 interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
21182203 Endocrine
Postpartum depression
29287 CTNNB1 affects_activity of Alzheimer disease in between-group comparisons of the APOE3 (low risk) and APOE4 (high risk) genotype groups
29296 APOE-mut affects_expression of CTNNB1 in between-group comparisons of the APOE3 (low risk) and APOE4 (high risk) genotype groups
20479757 Alzheimer disease
32637 PPM1A interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
10644691 Metabolic
Major depressive disorder
32643 TOB1 interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
16890162 Metabolic
Major depressive disorder
32920 APP decreases_expression of CTNNB1
32927 Alzheimer disease decreases_quantity of CTNNB1
15192323 Alzheimer disease
Down syndrome
32972 Citalopram increases_quantity of CTNNB1
22634067 Major depressive disorder
32973 CTNNB1 increases_activity of neuron projection development
11207939 Neurological
32974 response to antidepressants affects_quantity of CTNNB1
22472057 Major depressive disorder
37233 Alzheimer disease increases_expression of CTNNB1 in cortical brain regions; of the TgCRND8 mice, a mouse model of familial AD
22970774 Alzheimer disease
44133 CTNNB1 interacts (colocalizes) with APP (intracellular domain AICD)
44134 CTNNB1 increases_activity of APP (intracellular domain AICD)
21798242 Metabolic
44256 ABL1 interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1
44261 ABL1 increases_phosphorylation of CTNNB1 at Tyr86 and Tyr654 residues
44274 ABL1 increases_activity of CTNNB1 in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML)
17318191 Metabolic
44292 Lovastatin increases_transport of CTNNB1 (increased nuclear translocation of beta-catenin)
44305 CTNNB1 affects_activity of Lovastatin concerning neuroprotective function
44743 Lovastatin affects_expression of CTNNB1 by inhibiting the phosphorylated GSK3B activity
45039 Lovastatin increases_activity of CTNNB1 by inhibiting the phosphorylated GSK3B activity
17234346 Alzheimer disease
44340 CTNNB1 increases_expression of AHR if beta-catenin is overexpressed
44341 CTNNB1 increases_expression of CEMIP2 if beta-catenin is overexpressed
44343 LiCl increases_expression of CTNNB1 in human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) cells
15059908 Prostate cancer
44347 AHR decreases_quantity of CTNNB1 by preventing TCDD-induced beta-catenin degradation; the activation of AhR led to a decrease of dephosphorylated active beta-catenin pool;
44420 CTNNB1 NOT affects_expression of AHR
44424 AHR interacts (colocalizes) with CTNNB1 in nuclei of liver progenitor cells; where both proteins are present at sufficient levels upon AhR activation
44429 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin decreases_quantity of CTNNB1
44445 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin decreases_quantity of CTNNB1 if TCDD treatment is prolonged
21602191 Metabolic
44536 CTNNB1 increases_expression of CYP19A1 if Cyp19a1 is FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) induced
44537 CTNNB1 interacts (colocalizes) with NR5A1 mediated by residues 235-238 in the SF1 ligand-binding domain
44539 CTNNB1 increases_activity of CYP19A1 PII if induction of CYP19A1 PII is mediated by FSH/cAMP
44541 CTNNB1 increases_activity of NR5A1
44543 CTNNB1 interacts (colocalizes) with CYP19A1 PII
44550 CTNNB1 increases_expression of CYP11A1 if Cyp11a1 is FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) induced
44554 CTNNB1 interacts (colocalizes) with CYP19A1 PII
16895991 Metabolic
44922 Beta-catenin destruction complex affects_quantity of CTNNB1
22131415 Metabolic
45047 Cholesterol decreases_expression of CTNNB1
17359297 Metabolic
45185 Flutamide increases_expression of CTNNB1
45190 Follicle-stimulating hormone increases_processing of CTNNB1
23043943 Metabolic