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Diseases: Diabetes mellitus, type II - [OMIM]
Insulin resistance
Rattus norvegicus
BTO:0000562 heart
Reference: Al-Maghrebi M et al.(2009) Endogenous angiotensin-(1-7) reduces cardiac ischemia-induced dysfunction in diabetic hypertensive rats Pharmacol. Res. 59: 263-268 [PMID: 19166939]

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Comment Significant gene expression changes were obtained for genes directly involved in the regulation of the NF-kappaB signalling cascade leading to the activation of the inflammatory response pathway. Ang-(1-7) treatment down regulated key genes responsible for the activation of the NF-kappaB pathway including toll-like receptor 2 (Tlr2), interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 1 (Irak1) and inhibitor of kappaB kinase beta (Ikbkb). NF-kappaB downstream effector pro-inflammatory genes [complement component 3 (C3), interleukin-1 beta (Il-1beta), interleukin-6 (Il-6), (NACHT-containing protein) Nalp12 and caspase 1 (Casp1)] were also markedly reduced by Ang-(1-7) or captopril in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) and diabetic SHR models. While Ang-(1-7) had similar qualitative effects in diabetic and non-diabetic SHR, Ang-(1-7)-induced decrease in expression of inflammatory genes was more pronounced in diabetic SHR.
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Angiotensin (1-7)

decreases_expression of



in cardiac muscle
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