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Diseases: Fatty liver disease, nonalcoholic
Homo sapiens
HepG2 cells
Reference: Cao X et al.(2019) Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 inhibits endoplasmic reticulum stress-associated pathway to preserve nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Diabetes Metab. Res. Rev. 35: e3123 [PMID: 30604460]

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Comment ACE2 counterbalances the effects of the classic RAS through conversion of Ang II to Ang-(1-7). Ang II has been reported to induce podocyte ER stress via GRP78/eIF2allpha/ATF4/CHOP axis. (cited information)
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Interaction-ID: 117883



increases_quantity of


Angiotensin (1-7)

counterbalancing the effects of RAS via conversion of Ang II to Ang-(1-7)
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