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Diseases: SARS-CoV infection
Homo sapiens
HEK293T cells
Reference: Haga S et al.(2008) Modulation of TNF-alpha-converting enzyme by the spike protein of SARS-CoV and ACE2 induces TNF-alpha production and facilitates viral entry Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105: 7809-7814 [PMID: 18490652]

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Comment In total cellular extracts prepared from Vero E6 cells infected with a pseudotyped virus expressing S protein, ACE2 expression was reduced, whereas the expression of the catalytic active 80-kDa protein (sACE2) in the supernatants was increased. Recombinant SARS-S showed the same effects. This indicates, that SARS-S down-regulates membrane-bound ACE2 by inducing shedding of the ACE2 ectodomain.
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Interaction-ID: 133580


SARS-CoV S protein

decreases_quantity of



in the cytoplasm
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