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Diseases: COVID-19
Reference: Kai H and Kai MInteractions of coronaviruses with ACE2, angiotensin II, and RAS inhibitors-lessons from available evidence and insights into COVID-19 [PMID: 32341442]

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Comment A similar mechanism is proposed for the severe lung injury caused by the avian influenza A virus H5N1, which has spread worldwide in humans with a high mortality rate. After H5N1 virus infection in mice, lung ACE2 expression is downregulated, and serum angiotensin II levels increase. Acute lung injury is augmented by ACE2 knockout in H5N1-infected mice, while the administration of recombinant human ACE2 ameliorates H5N1-induced lung injury in mice.
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Influenza A H5N1 infection

decreases_expression of



in lung
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