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Diseases: COVID-19
Reference: Kai H and Kai MInteractions of coronaviruses with ACE2, angiotensin II, and RAS inhibitors-lessons from available evidence and insights into COVID-19 [PMID: 32341442]

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Comment Experimental SARS-CoV infection induces acute respiratory failure and lung parenchymal injury characterized by alveolar wall thickening, pulmonary vascular hyperpermeability, and inflammatory cell infiltration in mice. After SARS-CoV infection in mice, lung ACE2 protein levels are greatly reduced, while ACE levels are not changed. These findings are consistent with the previous observation that coronaviruses specifically downregulate ACE2 expression in host cells, depending on virus replication. SARS-CoV-induced acute lung injury is remarkably attenuated in ACE2 knockout mice compared with wild-type mice.
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SARS-CoV infection

decreases_quantity of



in lung
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