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Diseases: COVID-19
Reference: Kai H and Kai MInteractions of coronaviruses with ACE2, angiotensin II, and RAS inhibitors-lessons from available evidence and insights into COVID-19 [PMID: 32341442]

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Comment Human ACE2 is an established functional receptor by which SARS-CoV enters host target cells. The transmembrane spike glycoprotein (S protein) of SARS-CoV binds to the cellular membrane ACE2; SARS-CoV then attaches to the target cells, followed by SARS-CoV-S protein priming by cellular surface proteases, such as transmembrane protease serine 2 (TMPRSS2), allowing the fusion of viral and cellular membranes and resulting in SARS-CoV entry and replication in the target cell.
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SARS-CoV S protein

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