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Diseases: Diabetes mellitus
Mus musculus
ACE2 KO mouse; db/db mouse
INS-1 cells
Reference: Shi TT et al.(2018) Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 regulates mitochondrial function in pancreatic beta-cells Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 495: 860-866 [PMID: 29128354]

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Comment Via PCR array data is was found that ACE2 overexpression up- and downregulated mitochondria-related genes in INS-1 cells transfected with ACE2 plasmid. To confirm the PCR array data, mRNA levels of ATP6v1e2, COX6c, NDUFA2, and UQCRH were examined. The mRNA levels of ATP6v1e2, COX6c, and NDUFA2 were enhanced in ACE2 plasmid group compared with control. There was no difference in the level of UQCRH between the two groups.
Formal Description
Interaction-ID: 116280



increases_expression of



in INS-1 cells treated with ACE2 plasmid; also concerning mRNA, when ACE2 is overexpressed
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