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EST3 is a server developed to classify EST sequences from host-pathogen interface using frequency of nucleotide triplets. This site is a continuation of our previous work on EST data classification, ECLAT. Details of the method are described in Emmersen, et al, 2007.

Two types of analysis are available:
Classification -- Apply developed classifiers to your data
Training -- Develop your own classifier and apply it to your data.

Compared to the previous studies we included much larger number of genome pairs and use triplets rather than codon usage. This allows to skip identification of CDS regions and make possible classification of EST sequences containing non-coding UTR data. Of course, to use this server and particular for development of your own classifier, please, clean your data from noise, such as vector contamination, etc., that may decrease the method performance. The input sequences should be provided in FASTA format.

Have a good result and let us know your feed-back, comments and wishes! We will be happy to improve it.


Emmersen, J.; Rudd, S.; Mewes, H. W.; Tetko, I. V. Separation of Sequences from Host-Pathogen Interface Using Triplet Nucleotide Frequencies, Fungal Genetics and Biology, 2007, 44(4):231-41, download pre-print.

This study was partially supported by the DFG grant TE 380/1-1 to Dr. I.V. Tetko and Prof. H.W. Mewes.

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