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  Arabidopsis thaliana

   Bacillus subtilis
   Helicobacter pylori
   Listeria innocua
   Listeria monocytogenes
   Neurospora crassa
   Saccharomyces cerevisiae
   Thermoplasma acidophilum

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BIOREL is a web-based resource for quantitative estimation of the gene network bias in relation to available database information about gene activity/function/properties/associations/interactions. BIOREL is able to infer the bias/relevance score which shows the correspondence between gene associations in the network and information extracted from different biological databases. The weights of the edges in the network may be either binary or continuous. These essential features make our web tool unique among many similar services. BIOREL provides standardized estimations of the network biases extracted from independent data. Along with biologically related biases BIOREL can be used to infer technical biases related to limitations and shortcoming of the methodology used to infer gene network. More information and details can be found in our recently published NAR and FEBS articles.

Before using BIOREL, please, read carefully help. The examples of applications of BIOREL to the analyses of high-throughput data can be found here.

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