Metabolomics GWAS Server Documentation

  1. Querying the database
    1. Query by rsID
    2. Query by gene symbol
  2. The results page
  3. Integrated and linked resources
  4. Browser compatibility
  5. How to cite

Querying the database

Using the search page is quite intuitive. Following the numbering of the input fields, you can specify your data set, cohort, and association and query type of interest.

Query by rsID

If you choose to search by rsID, you can also specify an LD threshold for tag-SNP search. If the form is filled in correctly, it looks like this:

query page

If you hit the "Query Database" button, you retrieve the results of your query. On the top of the page, information on the input SNP is given, followed by tagging variants featuring associations in the study you selected:

results page

Query by gene symbol

If you choose to search by HGNC gene symbol, this activates auto-completion on the entered search term which suggests gene symbols of genes that are contained in our database:

query page

The results page

Independent of the query input you have chosen, the results page always contains a list of SNPs that match your search (if there are any, of course):

results page

The contents of the columns are the following:

Integrated and linked resources

The following resources are included in/interlinked with the data in the Metabolomics GWAS Server:

Browser compatibility

The Metabolomics GWAS Server has been tested with the following browsers:

If you should encounter browser-related problems, please contact us!

How to cite

To reference this resource, please cite this paper:

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