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Your search for "%mir-498" returned 8 results
No. Id Disease Disease int Tissue/Cell line PubmedID Study design
1 218 cell culture 17222355 Bioprocess study
2 447 Breast cancer - 114480 breast epithelium 16754881 Patient study phenotype-control
3 321 Leukemia, acute myeloid - 601626 bone marrow 18308931 Patient study phenotype-phenotype
4 448 Melanoma and neural system tumor syndrome - 155755 cell culture 16754881 Cell culture study
5 536 Muscular - 0 Uterine leiomyoma - 0 myoma cell 17765232 Patient study phenotype-control
6 162 Ovarian cancer - 604370 Epithelial ovarian cancer - 0 ovary 18560586 Patient study phenotype-control
7 83 Prostate cancer - 176807 prostate gland 17616669 Patient study phenotype-control
8 454 Prostate cancer - 176807 PC-3 cell 17616669 Cell culture study