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Welcome to PhenomiR

The PhenomiR database provides information about differentially regulated miRNA expression in diseases and other biological processes. The content of PhenomiR is completely generated by manual curation of experienced annotators. Data was extracted from more than 365 scientific articles and resulted in more than 632 database entries as of 02 2011.

The design principle of PhenomiR is to use established ontologies and resources. For annotation of diseases we use information of the OMIM Morbid Map, bioprocesses are described with terms from Gene Ontology and for annotation of tissue/cell culture information the Tissue Ontology is used.

Ruepp A, Kowarsch A, Schmidl D, Buggenthin F, Brauner B, Dunger I, Fobo G, Frishman G, Montrone C, Theis FJ. PhenomiR: a knowledgebase for microRNA expression in diseases and biological processes. Genome Biology 2010, 11:R6
pubmed | pdf

The graph displays the connected part of the cancer network extracted from the PhenomiR database where only miRNAs with a minimal degree of 2 and a maximal degree of 5 were taken into consideration.

All miRNAs are shown as small color coded octagons; the color coding indicates the number of carcinomal disorders a specific miRNA is involved in and reaches from light blue for 2 disorders to dark blue for 5.

Furthermore, the disorders, shown as green ellipses, are linked to the according entries within the database.
Unique miRNAs:675
Data points:12192
Last update:2011-02-15
Most annotated miRNAs:
Rank Name No.
1. hsa-mir-21 172
2. hsa-mir-155 116
3. hsa-mir-145 116
4. hsa-mir-221 111
5. hsa-mir-17 105
6. hsa-mir-143 102
7. hsa-mir-125b-1 99
8. hsa-mir-222 96
9. hsa-mir-126 93
10. hsa-mir-210 90