Abnormal urinary color

Symptom Information:

Symptom ID: HPO:0012086
Abnormal urinary colour [HPO:0012086]
Urine color abnormality [Orphanet:38720]
Urine color abnormal (finding) [Orphanet:38720]
Discolored urine (finding) [Orphanet:38720]
Urine color abnormal [Orphanet:38720]
Abnormal colour of the urine/cholic/dark urines [Orphanet:38720]
Urine colour abnormal [Orphanet:38720]
Chromaturia [MedDRA:10008796]
Discoloration urine [MedDRA:10008796]
Red urine [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine colouring black [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine colouring yellow [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine discoloration [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine discolouration [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine coloring black [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine coloring yellow [MedDRA:10008796]
Discolouration urine [MedDRA:10008796]
Brown urine [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine colour abnormal [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine color abnormal [MedDRA:10008796]
Discoloration urine green [MedDRA:10008796]
Discolouration urine green [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine coloring green [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine colouring red [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine coloring red [MedDRA:10008796]
Urine colouring green [MedDRA:10008796]
Red urine [OMIM:Red urine]
Dark urine color [Orphanet:38720]
Urine looks dark (finding) [Orphanet:38720]
Urine looks dark [Orphanet:38720]
Cross references:
HPO:0012087 "CLONE OF Abnormal urinary color" [Orphanet:38720]
Orphanet:38720 "Abnormal colour of the urine/cholic/dark urines" [Orphanet:38720]
OMIM: "Red urine" [OMIM:Red urine]
UMLS:C0522153 "Urine color abnormal" [Orphanet:38720]
UMLS:C0426396 "Urine looks dark" [Orphanet:38720]
Is a (Direct Parents):
HPO         Abnormality of urine homeostasis
Orphanet Abnormality of the urinary system physiology
MedDRA Urinary abnormalities
Is a (Whole tree): HPO:
    Phenotypic abnormality(HPO:0000118)
       Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis(HPO:0001939)
          Abnormality of urine homeostasis(HPO:0003110)
             Abnormal urinary color(HPO:0012086)
       Abnormality of the genitourinary system(HPO:0000119)
          Abnormality of the urinary system(HPO:0000079)
             Abnormality of the urinary system physiology(HPO:0011277)
                Abnormality of urine homeostasis(HPO:0003110)
                   Abnormal urinary color(HPO:0012086)
Renal and urinary disorders(MedDRA:10038359)
    Urinary tract signs and symptoms(MedDRA:10046590)
       Urinary abnormalities(MedDRA:10000196)
          Abnormal urinary color(HPO:0012086)
Database Frequency: 19 / 7739

All diseases associated with this symptom:

Acute intermittent porphyria (Orphanet:79276)
Alkaptonuria (Orphanet:56)
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (Orphanet:98375)
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, warm type (Orphanet:90033)
Benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis (Orphanet:65682)
Blue diaper syndrome (Orphanet:94086)
Cholangiocarcinoma (Orphanet:70567)
Cholestasis - lymphedema (Orphanet:1414)
Choreoacanthocytosis (Orphanet:2388)
Cold agglutinin disease (Orphanet:56425)
Congenital erythropoietic porphyria (Orphanet:79277)
Drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia (Orphanet:90037)
Dubin-Johnson syndrome (Orphanet:234)
Hartnup syndrome (Orphanet:2116)
Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (Orphanet:538)
Mixed-type autoimmune hemolytic anemia (Orphanet:90036)
Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (Orphanet:90035)
Porphyria (Orphanet:738)