Hypoplastic female external genitalia

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Symptom ID: HPO:0012815
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Database Frequency: 36 / 7739
Resource: HPO

All diseases associated with this symptom:

1p36 deletion syndrome (Orphanet:1606)
Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome (Orphanet:920)
Acrodysostosis (Orphanet:950)
Aphalangy - hemivertebrae - urogenital-intestinal dysgenesis (Orphanet:1112)
Autosomal dominant Robinow syndrome (Orphanet:3107)
Autosomal dominant popliteal pterygium syndrome (Orphanet:1300)
Autosomal recessive Robinow syndrome (Orphanet:1507)
Autosomal recessive multiple pterygium syndrome (Orphanet:2990)
Bladder exstrophy (Orphanet:93930)
CHARGE syndrome (Orphanet:138)
Camptodactyly syndrome, Guadalajara type 2 (Orphanet:1326)
Cloacal exstrophy (Orphanet:93929)
Cornelia de Lange syndrome (Orphanet:199)
Craniomicromelic syndrome (Orphanet:1524)
De Barsy syndrome (Orphanet:2962)
Distal monosomy 9p (Orphanet:1642)
Distal trisomy 15q (Orphanet:1707)
Distal trisomy 18q (Orphanet:1716)
Dubowitz syndrome (Orphanet:235)
Ear-patella-short stature syndrome (Orphanet:2554)
Embryonary disorganization syndrome (Orphanet:1664)
Epispadias (Orphanet:93928)
Genitopatellar syndrome (Orphanet:85201)
Hypertrichosis (Orphanet:79365)
Kapur-Toriello syndrome (Orphanet:2328)
Micro syndrome (Orphanet:2510)
Microcephalic osteodysplastic primordial dwarfism type 2 (Orphanet:2637)
Mosaic trisomy 9 (Orphanet:99776)
PELVIS syndrome (Orphanet:83628)
Peters-plus syndrome (Orphanet:709)
Recombinant 8 syndrome (Orphanet:96167)
Roberts syndrome (Orphanet:3103)
Schinzel-Giedion syndrome (Orphanet:798)
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (Orphanet:818)
Spondylocostal dysostosis - anal and genitourinary malformations (Orphanet:94095)
Syndactyly - telecanthus - anogenital and renal malformations (Orphanet:140952)