Abnormality of the pharynx

Symptom Information:

Symptom ID: HPO:0000600
Pharynx anomaly [Orphanet:26040]
Anomaly of the pharynx/pharyngeal anomaly [Orphanet:26040]
Cross references:
Orphanet:26040 "Anomaly of the pharynx/pharyngeal anomaly" [Orphanet:26040]
Is a (Direct Parents):
Orphanet Structural anomalies of the digestive tract
HPO         Abnormality of hypopharynx
HPO         Abnormality of musculature of pharynx
HPO         Abnormality of the head
Is a (Whole tree): HPO:
    Phenotypic abnormality(HPO:0000118)
       Abnormality of head or neck(HPO:0000152)
          Abnormality of the head(HPO:0000234)
             Abnormality of the pharynx(HPO:0000600)
Database Frequency: 22 / 7739

All diseases associated with this symptom:

17p11.2 microduplication syndrome (Orphanet:1713)
22q11.2 deletion syndrome (Orphanet:567)
22q11.2 microduplication syndrome (Orphanet:1727)
Adducted thumbs - arthrogryposis, Christian type (Orphanet:2952)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (Orphanet:166)
Congenital velopharyngeal incompetence (Orphanet:2291)
Deafness - small bowel diverticulosis - neuropathy (Orphanet:3217)
Dyskeratosis congenita (Orphanet:1775)
Goldenhar syndrome (Orphanet:374)
HEC syndrome (Orphanet:2119)
Imperforate oropharynx - costo vetebral anomalies (Orphanet:2759)
Infant botulism (Orphanet:178478)
Isolated Pierre Robin syndrome (Orphanet:718)
Maple syrup urine disease (Orphanet:511)
Neuronal intranuclear inclusion disease (Orphanet:2289)
Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (Orphanet:270)
Omphalocele syndrome, Shprintzen-Goldberg type (Orphanet:3164)
Opitz G/BBB syndrome (Orphanet:2745)
Oral submucous fibrosis (Orphanet:357154)
Primary basilar impression (Orphanet:2285)
Schwartz-Jampel syndrome (Orphanet:800)
XK aprosencephaly (Orphanet:3469)