Abnormality of the cerebellar vermis

Symptom Information:

Symptom ID: HPO:0002334
Cerebellum vermis anomaly [Orphanet:42810]
Cerebellum/cerebellar vermis anomaly/agenesis/hypoplasia [Orphanet:42810]
Cross references:
Orphanet:42810 "Cerebellum/cerebellar vermis anomaly/agenesis/hypoplasia" [Orphanet:42810]
Is a (Direct Parents):
HPO         Cerebellar malformation
Orphanet Cerebellar vermis hypoplasia
Orphanet Structural anomalies of the nervous system
Is a (Whole tree): HPO:
Database Frequency: 137 / 7739

All diseases associated with this symptom:

10q22.3q23.3 microdeletion syndrome (Orphanet:276413)
19p13.12 microdeletion syndrome (Orphanet:254346)
2p15p16.1 microdeletion syndrome (Orphanet:261349)
3-hydroxyisobutyric aciduria (Orphanet:939)
3-methylglutaconic aciduria type 4 (Orphanet:67048)
3C syndrome (Orphanet:7)
4q21 microdeletion syndrome (Orphanet:238750)
5q14.3 microdeletion syndrome (Orphanet:228384)
Absent tibia - polydactyly - arachnoid cyst (Orphanet:3328)
Acalvaria (Orphanet:945)
Acrocallosal syndrome (Orphanet:36)
Adult familial nephronophtisis - spastic quadriparesia (Orphanet:2666)
Agnathia - holoprosencephaly - situs inversus (Orphanet:990)
Aicardi syndrome (Orphanet:50)
Alexander disease (Orphanet:58)
Alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase deficiency (Orphanet:3137)
Alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase deficiency type 1 (Orphanet:79279)
Alström syndrome (Orphanet:64)
Aminopterin/methotrexate embryofetopathy (Orphanet:1908)
Amish lethal microcephaly (Orphanet:99742)
Ataxia - pancytopenia (Orphanet:2585)
Ataxia - tapetoretinal degeneration (Orphanet:1178)
Ataxia-deafness-retardation syndrome (Orphanet:1188)
Atherosclerosis - deafness - diabetes - epilepsy - nephropathy (Orphanet:1192)
Autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia (Orphanet:99)
Autosomal recessive chorioretinopathy-microcephaly (Orphanet:2518)
Biotinidase deficiency (Orphanet:79241)
Brain malformation - congenital heart disease - postaxial polydactyly (Orphanet:75389)
CHARGE syndrome (Orphanet:138)
COFS syndrome (Orphanet:1466)
Carey-Fineman-Ziter syndrome (Orphanet:1358)
Cataract - nephropathy - encephalopathy (Orphanet:1380)
Central nervous system calcification - deafness - tubular acidosis - anemia (Orphanet:3240)
Cerebellar hypoplasia - tapetoretinal degeneration (Orphanet:2246)
Cerebellum agenesis - hydrocephaly (Orphanet:1397)
Cerebro-facio-thoracic dysplasia (Orphanet:1394)
Chondrodysplasia - disorder of sex development (Orphanet:1422)
Christianson syndrome (Orphanet:85278)
Chédiak-Higashi syndrome (Orphanet:167)
Coffin-Lowry syndrome (Orphanet:192)
Coffin-Siris syndrome (Orphanet:1465)
Congenital disorder of glycosylation (Orphanet:137)
Congenital osteogenesis imperfecta - microcephaly - cataracts (Orphanet:2772)
Cornelia de Lange syndrome (Orphanet:199)
Cowden syndrome (Orphanet:201)
Craniosynostosis - Dandy-Walker malformation - hydrocephalus (Orphanet:1538)
Craniotelencephalic dysplasia (Orphanet:1528)
Crouzon disease (Orphanet:207)
Crouzon syndrome - acanthosis nigricans (Orphanet:93262)
Deafness - genital anomalies - metacarpal and metatarsal synostosis (Orphanet:3224)
Diabetic embryopathy (Orphanet:1926)
Ectodermal dysplasia - intellectual deficit - central nervous system malformation (Orphanet:1812)
Erdheim-Chester disease (Orphanet:35687)
Fragile X-associated tremor/ataxia syndrome (Orphanet:93256)
Fried syndrome (Orphanet:85335)
Frontonasal dysplasia with alopecia and genital anomaly (Orphanet:228390)
Gómez-López-Hernández syndrome (Orphanet:1532)
Hallermann-Streiff syndrome (Orphanet:2108)
Holoprosencephaly (Orphanet:2162)
Holoprosencephaly - postaxial polydactyly (Orphanet:2166)
Hoyeraal-Hreidarsson syndrome (Orphanet:3322)
Ichthyosis follicularis - alopecia - photophobia (Orphanet:2273)
Intellectual deficit, X-linked - Dandy-Walker malformation - basal ganglia disease - Seizures (Orphanet:1568)
Intellectual deficit, X-linked - hypogammaglobulinemia - progressive neurological deterioration (Orphanet:85317)
Ito hypomelanosis (Orphanet:435)
Joubert syndrome (Orphanet:475)
Joubert syndrome with hepatic defect (Orphanet:1454)
Joubert syndrome with ocular defect (Orphanet:220493)
Joubert syndrome with oculorenal defect (Orphanet:2318)
Joubert syndrome with orofaciodigital defect (Orphanet:2754)
Joubert syndrome with renal defect (Orphanet:220497)
Jung-Wolff-Back-Stahl syndrome (Orphanet:2321)
KID syndrome (Orphanet:477)
L-2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria (Orphanet:79314)
Lambert syndrome (Orphanet:1296)
Leber congenital amaurosis (Orphanet:65)
Lethal multiple pterygium syndrome (Orphanet:33108)
Lhermitte-Duclos disease (Orphanet:65285)
Linear nevus sebaceus syndrome (Orphanet:2612)
MELAS (Orphanet:550)
Macrocephaly - short stature - paraplegia (Orphanet:2427)
Marden-Walker syndrome (Orphanet:2461)
Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome (Orphanet:559)
Marshall-Smith syndrome (Orphanet:561)
Maternally-inherited diabetes and deafness (Orphanet:225)
Megalencephaly-capillary malformation-polymicrogyria syndrome (Orphanet:60040)
Micro syndrome (Orphanet:2510)
Microlissencephaly - micromelia (Orphanet:50810)
Microphthalmia with brain and digit anomalies (Orphanet:139471)
Morse-Rawnsley-Sargent syndrome (Orphanet:2570)
Mosaic variegated aneuploidy syndrome (Orphanet:1052)
Mowat-Wilson syndrome (Orphanet:2152)
Muscle-eye-brain disease (Orphanet:588)
Neu-Laxova syndrome (Orphanet:2671)
Neurocutaneous melanocytosis (Orphanet:2481)
Neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (Orphanet:385)
Neuroectodermal melanolysosomal disease (Orphanet:33445)
Norrie disease (Orphanet:649)
Oculo-reno-cerebellar syndrome (Orphanet:2715)
Oculocerebral hypopigmentation syndrome, Preus type (Orphanet:2720)
Oculocerebrocutaneous syndrome (Orphanet:1647)
Oculodentodigital dysplasia (Orphanet:2710)
Olivopontocerebellar atrophy - deafness (Orphanet:2732)
Orofaciodigital syndrome type 2 (Orphanet:2751)
Otopalatodigital syndrome type 2 (Orphanet:90652)
PEHO syndrome (Orphanet:2836)
PHACE syndrome (Orphanet:42775)
Permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus - pancreatic and cerebellar agenesis (Orphanet:65288)
Perrault Syndrome (Orphanet:2855)
Pontocerebellar hypoplasia type 1 (Orphanet:2254)
Port-wine nevi - mega cisterna magna - hydrocephalus (Orphanet:2703)
Primary cutis verticis gyrata (Orphanet:671)
Retinopathy - anemia- central nervous system anomalies (Orphanet:3088)
Rhombencephalosynapsis (Orphanet:59315)
Septo-optic dysplasia (Orphanet:3157)
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (Orphanet:818)
Spastic ataxia - corneal dystrophy (Orphanet:2572)
Spinocerebellar ataxia - dysmorphism (Orphanet:1185)
Thyrocerebrorenal syndrome (Orphanet:3327)
Toriello-Carey syndrome (Orphanet:3338)
Trisomy 1q (Orphanet:261344)
Ulbright-Hodes syndrome (Orphanet:3404)
Usher syndrome (Orphanet:886)
Usher syndrome type 1 (Orphanet:231169)
Usher syndrome type 2 (Orphanet:231178)
Van den Ende-Gupta syndrome (Orphanet:2460)
Vici syndrome (Orphanet:1493)
Von Hippel-Lindau disease (Orphanet:892)
Walker-Warburg syndrome (Orphanet:899)
White matter hypoplasia - corpus callosum agenesis - intellectual deficit (Orphanet:3207)
Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (Orphanet:280)
X-linked complicated corpus callosum dysgenesis (Orphanet:1497)
X-linked dominant chondrodysplasia, Chassaing-Lacombe type (Orphanet:163966)
X-linked intellectual deficit - cerebellar hypoplasia (Orphanet:137831)
X-linked intellectual deficit, Najm type (Orphanet:163937)
Yunis-Varon syndrome (Orphanet:3472)