Long thorax

Symptom Information:

Symptom ID: HPO:0100818
Long rib cage [Orphanet:15240]
Long thorax (finding) [Orphanet:15240]
Long thorax [Orphanet:15240]
Long thorax [OMIM:Long thorax]
Long rib cage/thorax [Orphanet:15240]
Cross references:
Orphanet:15240 "Long rib cage/thorax" [Orphanet:15240]
OMIM: "Long thorax" [OMIM:Long thorax]
UMLS:C0575484 "Long thorax" [Orphanet:15240]
Is a (Direct Parents):
HPO         Enlarged thorax
Orphanet Abnormality of the thorax
Is a (Whole tree): HPO:
    Phenotypic abnormality(HPO:0000118)
       Abnormality of the skeletal system(HPO:0000924)
          Abnormality of skeletal morphology(HPO:0011842)
             Abnormal axial skeleton morphology(HPO:0009121)
                Abnormality of the thorax(HPO:0000765)
                   Abnormality of the rib cage(HPO:0001547)
                      Enlarged thorax(HPO:0100625)
                         Long thorax(HPO:0100818)
Database Frequency: 10 / 7739

All diseases associated with this symptom:

Achondroplasia (Orphanet:15)
Brachydactyly - mesomelia - intellectual deficit - heart defects (Orphanet:1277)
Distal trisomy 6p (Orphanet:1745)
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, classic type (Orphanet:287)
Hirsutism - skeletal dysplasia - intellectual deficit (Orphanet:2156)
Intellectual deficit - dysmorphism - hypogonadism - diabetes mellitus (Orphanet:3044)
Lipodystrophy - intellectual deficit - deafness (Orphanet:50811)
Metatropic dysplasia (Orphanet:2635)
Microphthalmia, Lenz type (Orphanet:568)
Trisomy 8q (Orphanet:1752)