Dilated cardiomyopathy

General Information (adopted from Orphanet):

Synonyms, Signs:
Number of Symptoms 0
OrphanetNr: 217604
ICD-10: I42.0
UMLs: C0007193
MeSH: D002311
MedDRA: 10056370
Snomed: 195021004

Prevalence, inheritance and age of onset:

Prevalence: No data available.
Age of onset:

Disease classification (adopted from Orphanet):

Parent Diseases: Cardiomyopathy
 -Rare cardiac disease


This term does not characterize a disease but a group of diseases. Annotations can be found at a more specific level.

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Associated genes:

ClinVar (via SNiPA)

Gene symbol Variation Clinical significance Reference
DES rs62636491 likely pathogenic RCV000171830.1
DSG2 rs200830807 likely pathogenic RCV000171834.1
MYH7 rs201865159 likely pathogenic RCV000171838.1
PLN rs111033560 pathogenic RCV000171826.1
SCN5A rs137854607 pathogenic RCV000058706.2
SCN5A rs199473161 pathogenic RCV000058500.2
SCN5A rs199473337 likely pathogenic RCV000058823.2
SCN5A rs199473341 pathogenic RCV000058606.2
SCN5A rs199473642 pathogenic RCV000058689.2
TTN rs786205398 likely pathogenic RCV000171846.1
VCL rs397517237 likely pathogenic RCV000171847.1

Additional Information: