Long QT syndrome 11

General Information (adopted from Orphanet):

Synonyms, Signs: LQT11
Number of Symptoms 0
OMIM Id: 611820

Prevalence, inheritance and age of onset:

Prevalence: No data available.
Inheritance: Autosomal dominant
20301308 [IBIS]
Age of onset:

Disease classification (adopted from Orphanet):

Parent Diseases: Romano-Ward syndrome
 -Rare cardiac disease
 -Rare genetic disease


LQT11 is a sub-type of Romano-Ward syndrome, a variant of the familial long QT syndrome. For symptom annotation please refer to Romano-Ward syndrome.

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Associated genes:


ClinVar (via SNiPA)

Gene symbol Variation Clinical significance Reference
AKAP9 rs121908566 pathogenic RCV000006241.3
AKAP9 rs730880043 likely pathogenic RCV000157100.1

Additional Information:

Description: (OMIM) Congenital long QT syndrome is electrocardiographically characterized by a prolonged QT interval and polymorphic ventricular arrhythmias (torsade de pointes). These cardiac arrhythmias may result in recurrent syncopes, seizure, or sudden death (Jongbloed et al., 1999).
Molecular genetics OMIM In a 13-year-old Caucasian girl with LQT11, who was negative for mutation in the known LQT genes, Chen et al. (2007) identified heterozygosity for a ser1570-to-leu (S1570L; 604001.0001) substitution in the AKAP9 gene. The patient's father and 2 ...