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PEP4 Aspartyl protease 
Alias:PHO9; PRA1; P2585; (PRA1)
Classification:known protein | 5422 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
Feature Type:CDS
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Paralogs (21.8 %) ;  |  Homologs in   Hemiascomycota (97.8 %);  Basidiomycota (61.6 %);  Fungi (97.8 %);  Eukaryota (97.8 %);  Plants (37.8 %);  Mammalia (41.3 %);  Human (41.3 %);  Bacteria (20.6 %);  All except yeast (97.8 %)

  • strong similarity to other aspartic proteinases
  • similarity to mammalian aspartyl proteases included pepsin, renin, and cathepsin
  • similarity to mammalian aspartyl proteases included pepsin, renin, and cathepsin
Functional Classification:
    ..fungal/microorganismic cell type differentiation
    ....fungal and other eukaryotic cell type differentiation
    ......development of asco- basidio- or zygospore | 167 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
  • PROTEIN FATE (folding, modification, destination)
    ..protein modification
    ....protein processing (proteolytic) | 89 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
  • PROTEIN FATE (folding, modification, destination)
    ..protein/peptide degradation
    ....lysosomal and vacuolar protein degradation
    ......vacuolar protein degradation | 11 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
  • PROTEIN FATE (folding, modification, destination)
    ..protein/peptide degradation
    ....cytoplasmic and nuclear protein degradation | 188 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
EC Number:
  • Hydrolases
    ..Acting on peptide bonds (Peptidases)
    ....Aspartic endopeptidases
    ......saccharopepsin | 1 Entry | Evi | PUBMED
Localization:  PEP4 localization details
  • mitochondria
  • vacuole
  • vacuole
    ..vacuolar lumen
 TargetP: Secretory pathway  (RC = 1)
  • saccharopepsin
  • processed by itself and Prb1p
  • has growth phase-associated expression
  • half-time for maturation is about 6 minutes
  • activity in glucose-grown cells is 30-50% the activity found in acetate-grown cells
  • addition of glucose to cells does not induce breakdown of Pep4p protein
  • autoactivation from pro form can take place in vma2 mutant which does not acidify the vacuole
  • autoactivation in vma2 mutant is inefficient
  • autoactivation may be triggered by combination of low pH and high salt
  • inactivation of PEP4 gene does not immediately stop zymogen processing due to PrB(Prb1p)-dependent phenotypic lag
  • phenotypic lag is the persistence of zymogen activation in the absence of PrA(Pep4p)
  • phenotypic lag occurs in the expression of CPY(Prc1p) and in PrB(Prb1p)
  • phenotypic lag is due to vacuolar inheritance and autocatalytic activation of PrB(Prb1p)
  • in absence of Prb(Prb1p), an active form of PrA(Pep4p) of higher molecular weight accumulates
  • N-terminus sorting signals are redundant
  • crystal structure at 2.4A resolution
  • proteolytic activity is destroyed by Asp294Ala mutation in the catalytic site
  • signal peptide cleavage is between residues 22 and 23
  • has 2 sites for N-linked glycosylation, but some molecules are modified at only one site
Phenotypes:  Disruption: PEP4 details
  • viable
  • mutants have reduced protein degradation under nutritional stress
  • mutant is lethal when glucose-grown cells are starved for nitrogen
  • pep1 prb1 double mutant has severely disturbed sporulation
  • Asp294Ala mutant does not undergo processing and fails to convert yscB (Prb1p) and yscY (Prc1p) to mature forms in vivo
  • Stress response defects
    ..Starvation sensitivity | 26 Entries
  • overproduction leads to secretion
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Physical Features
Coordinates:260930 - 259713 (C)
Length:1218 nt
Exon Coordinates:260930 - 259713
GC Content:42.6 %
Protein Length:405 aa
Isoelectric Point:4.7
Molecular Weight:44499.2 Da
Mature Protein:77-405
Retrieve Sequence: DNA /Protein
Literature | References
CYGD curated Lit.:PubMed
PubMed:Search abstracts
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Sequence References:
EMBL: X96770
EMBL: Z73510
EMBL: M13358
PIR: A25379
UniProtKB: P07267
NCBI: NP_015171
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  • YGOB - Yeast Gene Order Browser
  • yMGV - yeast Microarray Global Viewer

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