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SOD1 Copper-zinc superoxide dismutase 
Alias:CRS4; J1968
Classification:known protein | 5422 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
Feature Type:CDS
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Paralogs (11.7 %) ;  |  Homologs in   Hemiascomycota (98.1 %);  Basidiomycota (64.3 %);  Fungi (98.1 %);  Eukaryota (98.1 %);  Plants (57.8 %);  Mammalia (57.1 %);  Human (54.5 %);  Bacteria (39 %);  All except yeast (98.1 %)

  • strong similarity to other superoxide dismutases
  • similarity human SOD1 protein which is responsible for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • belongs to the Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase family
Functional Classification:
    ....homeostasis of cations
    ......homeostasis of metal ions (Na, K, Ca etc.) | 98 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
    ....oxygen and radical detoxification
    ......superoxide metabolism | 2 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
EC Number:
  • Oxidoreductases
    ..Acting on superoxide as acceptor
    ....Acting on superoxide as acceptor
    ......superoxide dismutase | 2 Entries
Localization:  SOD1 localization details
  • cytoplasm
  • nucleus
  • mitochondria
  • mitochondria
    ..mitochondrial intermembrane space
  • ambiguous

 Mitop2:  Mitochondrial probability - 97  %
  • eukaryotic cells contain a mitochondrial MN-containing enzyme and a cytoplasmic CU-ZN-containing enzyme
  • thiosulfate can rescue the methionine auxothrophie
  • copper is specifically integrated into Sod1p by Lys7p | PUBMED
  • metal binding sites differ from mammalian form
Phenotypes:  Disruption: SOD1 details
  • viable
  • null mutants are unable to grow in 100% oxygen and require methionine and lysine when grown in air
  • null mutant has increased sensitivity to copper
  • mutants are cysteine, methionine, and lysine auxotroph when grown in air
  • extreme sensitive to superoxide anion-generating agent, paraquat
  • sod1 zwf1 double null mutation resultes in a more severe aerobic growth defect
  • copper sensitivity of null mutant is not affected by levels of Pmr1p, Bsd2p, or Atx1p
  • sulfure assimilation pathway is blocked
  • Stress response defects
    ..Oxidizing agents
    ....other oxidizing agents
    ......other or general oxidizing agents sensitivity | 15 Entries
  • Stress response defects
    ..Divalent cations and heavy metals
    ....Divalent cations and heavy metals sensitivity | 68 Entries
  • overproduction enhances copper resistance
  • overproduction suppresses the spe2 oxygen-sensitive phenotype
  • Atx1p,Atx2p,Bsd2p and Pmr1 suppresses the sod1 phenotype by chanching the metal ion homeostasis
  • Tkl1p and Zwf1p only rescue the methionine auxothrophie by chanching the NADPH level
  • sod1 growth defect in air is suppressed by elevated levels of manganese or copper
  • mutant can be suppressed by overproduction of Cup1p
  • oxygen-sensitive phenotype and amino acid auxotrophies are suppressed by pmr1 and bsd2 mutations
  • oxygen toxicity phenotype of sod1 mutants can be suppressed by overexpression of CUP1A and ATX1
  • aerobic defect of mutants can be suppressed by growth in high Mn or by mutations in pmr1 or bsd2
  • elimination of mitochondrial respiratory function suppresses the sod2 hyperoxia-hypersensitive phenotype
  • huBcl-2 revers viability defects of sod1 and sod1 sod2 deletion mutants and reduce mutation frequency in sod1-, and sod1 sod2 deletion mutants and SOD1 wild-type cells | PUBMED
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Physical Features
Coordinates:623006 - 622542 (C)
Length:465 nt
Exon Coordinates:623006 - 622542
GC Content:50.1 %
Protein Length:154 aa
Isoelectric Point:5.62
Molecular Weight:15854.7 Da
Retrieve Sequence: DNA /Protein
Literature | References
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Sequence References:
EMBL: Z49604
EMBL: J03279
PIR: A36171
NCBI: NP_012638
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