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MIG1 Transcriptional repressor 
Alias:CAT4; G3636; SSN1; TDS22
Classification:known protein | 5422 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
Feature Type:CDS
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Paralogs (20.8 %) ;  |  Homologs in   Hemiascomycota (91.9 %);  Basidiomycota (21 %);  Fungi (91.9 %);  Eukaryota (91.9 %);  Plants (10.3 %);  Mammalia (14.9 %);  Human (13.7 %);  Bacteria (12.6 %);  All except yeast (91.9 %)

  • similarity to Kluyveromyces Zinc finger protein, E.nidulans creA protein, Trichoderma Cre1 protein Mlz1p and YER028c
  • similarity to mammalian SP1,KROX/EGR and wilms^ tumor protein
Functional Classification:
    ..C-compound and carbohydrate metabolism
    ....regulation of C-compound and carbohydrate metabolism | 127 Entries | Evi
Localization:  MIG1 localization details
  • cytoplasm
  • nucleus
  • model predicts that Mig1p is converted to non-repressing conformation upon activation of Snf1p/Snf4p protein kinase
  • binds to a GC-box
  • binding sites found in SUC, GAL, MAL, and MEL genes
  • binding sites found in FBP1 and HAP4 genes but MIG1 deletion has no effect on expression of these genes
  • repression requires Tup1p and Ssn6p
  • K.maxianus Mig1p is fully functional in S.cerevisiae | PUBMED
  • comparision of K.lactis K.maxianus and S.cerevisiae Mig1p show 12 discrete conserved motifs in a multiple alignment | PUBMED
  • zinc-finger protein
Phenotypes:  Disruption: MIG1 details
  • viable
  • null mutant has partial expression of many glucose-repressed genes
  • mutants do not repress invertase and GAL genes
  • mutation allows snf1 cells to grow on sucrose or galactose
  • mig1 snf1 cells cannot grow on gluconeogenic carbon sources
  • mig1 mutants show four- to fivehold higher expression of ENA1 than wild-type cells | PUBMED
  • Auxotrophies, carbon and nitrogen utilization defects
    ..Carbon utilization
    ....other carbon utilization defects | 27 Entries
  • Nucleic acid metabolism defects
    ..Transcriptional mutants
    ....other transcriptional mutants | 51 Entries
  • overexpression causes flocculation
  • suppressor of snf1 mutations
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Physical Features
Coordinates:433067 - 431553 (C)
Length:1515 nt
Exon Coordinates:433067 - 431553
GC Content:42.4 %
Protein Length:504 aa
Isoelectric Point:9.8
Molecular Weight:55532.1 Da
Retrieve Sequence: DNA /Protein
Literature | References
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Sequence References:
EMBL: Z72557
EMBL: X55442
EMBL: X55734
PIR: S17248
UniProtKB: P27705
NCBI: NP_011480
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