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PRB1 Protease B, vacuolar 
Classification:known protein | 5422 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
Feature Type:CDS
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Paralogs (38.4 %) ;  |  Homologs in   Hemiascomycota (89.9 %);  Basidiomycota (38.3 %);  Fungi (89.9 %);  Eukaryota (89.9 %);  Plants (17.8 %);  Mammalia (16.7 %);  Human (16.3 %);  Bacteria (28.8 %);  All except yeast (89.9 %)

  • strong similarity to Ysp3p and A.niger pepC protease
  • member of subtilisin family
Functional Classification:
    ..fungal/microorganismic cell type differentiation
    ....fungal and other eukaryotic cell type differentiation
    ......development of asco- basidio- or zygospore | 167 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
  • PROTEIN FATE (folding, modification, destination)
    ..protein modification | 616 Entries | Evi
  • PROTEIN FATE (folding, modification, destination)
    ..protein/peptide degradation
    ....lysosomal and vacuolar protein degradation
    ......vacuolar protein degradation | 11 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
  • PROTEIN FATE (folding, modification, destination)
    ..protein/peptide degradation
    ....cytoplasmic and nuclear protein degradation | 188 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
EC Number:
  • Hydrolases
    ..Acting on peptide bonds (Peptidases)
    ....Serine endopeptidases
    ......cerevisin | 1 Entry
Localization:  PRB1 localization details
  • cytoplasm
  • vacuole
  • vacuole
    ..vacuolar lumen
  • punctate composite
 TargetP: Secretory pathway  (RC = 3)
  • activity in glucose-grown cells is 30-50% the activity found in acetate-grown cells
  • addition of glucose to cells does not induce breakdown of Pep4p protein
  • production is low until glucose is exhausted from medium
  • glucose repression does not depend on Hxk2p
  • snf2 and snf5 mutations led to 10-fold higher levels of Prb1p
  • expression is regulated by carbon and nitrogen sources and by growth rate
  • synthesized as an 76kD inactive precursor | PUBMED
  • after cleavage of N-terminal propeptide, the resulting form (proPrB) may be catalytically inhibited by the N-terminal propeptide and travels to the vacuole with it, where the peptide is degraded
  • maturation requires two C-terminal cleavages requiring PrA and PrB
  • mature polypeptide is about half the size of the precursor and is cleaved on both ends
  • mature form has 10% carbohydrate
  • mature form has tunicamycin- and endo-H-resistance carbohydrate
  • mature form has only O-linked glycosylation, but precursor has N-linked glycosylation
  • N-linked glycosylation is not important for sorting to vacuole
  • the 76kD precursor enters the ER via the posttranslational translocation pathway | PUBMED
  • the signal peptide is cleaved by signal peptidase | PUBMED
  • in the ER a single N-linked carbohydrate chain as well as O-linked carbohydrate groups are added | PUBMED
  • the N-terminal 260 aminoacid propeptide is cleaved in the ER by an intramolecular autocatalytic process | PUBMED
  • signal peptide has about 20 amino acids
  • first cleavage of precursor polypeptide is independent of yscA/Pep4p
  • second cleavage to fully active form required yscA/Pep4p
Phenotypes:  Disruption: PRB1 details
  • viable
  • mutants have reduced protein degradation under nutritional stress
  • prb1 pep4 double mutant has severely disturbed sporulation
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Physical Features
Coordinates:41953 - 40046 (C)
Length:1908 nt
Exon Coordinates:41953 - 40046
GC Content:46.8 %
Protein Length:635 aa
Isoelectric Point:5.94
Molecular Weight:69621.6 Da
Mature Protein:281-635
Retrieve Sequence: DNA /Protein
Literature | References
CYGD curated Lit.:PubMed
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Sequence References:
EMBL: U18795
EMBL: M18097
EMBL: Z11859
PIR: A29358
UniProtKB: P09232
NCBI: NP_010854
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  • YGOB - Yeast Gene Order Browser
  • yMGV - yeast Microarray Global Viewer

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