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MCD1 Mitotic Chromosome Determinant 
Alias:D2940; PDS3; RHC21; YD8119.04; (SCC1)
Classification:known protein | 5422 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
Feature Type:CDS
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Paralogs (13.9 %) ;  |  Homologs in   Hemiascomycota (86.9 %);  Basidiomycota (24.7 %);  Fungi (86.9 %);  Eukaryota (86.9 %);  Plants (22.6 %);  Mammalia (23 %);  Human (13.8 %);  Bacteria (16.9 %);  All except yeast (86.9 %)

  • member of a conserved gene family with S.pombe RAD21 and putative ORFS from human (KIAA0078), mouse (PW29) and C.elegans (acc. U40029) | PUBMED
Functional Classification:
    ..cell cycle
    ....mitotic cell cycle and cell cycle control
    ......mitotic cell cycle
    ........G2/M transition of mitotic cell cycle | 50 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
    ..cell cycle
    ....nuclear and chromosomal cycle
    ......chromosome condensation | 22 Entries | Evi | PUBMED
Localization:  MCD1 localization details
  • cytoplasm
  • nucleus
  • expression is cell cycle regulated | PUBMED
  • protein level peaks in S phase and decreases in G2/M phase | PUBMED
  • protein is absent in early G1, accumulates during S, G2 and metaphase and declines in anaphase | PUBMED
  • change in protein levels is independent of APC complex | PUBMED
  • SCC1 means Sister Chromatid Cohesion | PUBMED
  • potential PEST sequences in central region | PUBMED
Phenotypes:  Disruption: MCD1 details
  • lethal
  • null mutant spores do germinate, but not grow | PUBMED
  • mutants show mitotic defect | PUBMED
  • mutants loose chromosomes at high frequency and are capable of separating sister chromatids in absence of APC function | PUBMED
  • mutants show premature separation of sister chromatids | PUBMED
  • mutants show delayed cytokinesis | PUBMED
  • sister chromatid separation occurs in mcd1 mutants prior to APC mediated Pds1p proteolysis | PUBMED
  • rhc21-sk16 ts mutant shows increased percentage of large budded cells at 36C | PUBMED
  • most of the large-budded cells show aberrant nuclear structures, such as unequally extended nuclear DNA with incompletely elongated spindles across the mother-daughter neck or only in a mother cell | PUBMED
  • rhc21-sk16 ts mutant show increased minichromosome instability, even at 25C | PUBMED
  • rhc21-sk16 ts mutant is nocodazole sensitive, but only the growing cells | PUBMED
  • rhc21-sk16 ts mutants show no replication defect | PUBMED
  • rhc21-sk16 ts mutants do not undergo cytokinesis | PUBMED
  • rhc21-sk16 ts mutants are sensitive to UV radiation and gamma-rays | PUBMED
  • Conditional phenotypes
    ..Heat-sensitivity (ts) | 313 Entries
  • Cell morphology and organelle mutants
    ..Cytoskeleton mutants
    ....Tubulin cytoskeleton mutants
    ......nocodazole sensitivity | 8 Entries
  • Nucleic acid metabolism defects
    ..DNA repair mutants
    ....UV light sensitivity | 41 Entries
  • Nucleic acid metabolism defects
    ..DNA repair mutants
    ....other DNA repair mutants | 32 Entries
  • does not suppress ts phenotype of either smc1 deletion or smc2 mutant | PUBMED
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Physical Features
Coordinates:444680 - 446380 (W)
Length:1701 nt
Exon Coordinates:444680 - 446380
GC Content:38.3 %
Protein Length:566 aa
Isoelectric Point:4.52
Molecular Weight:63290.3 Da
Retrieve Sequence: DNA /Protein
Literature | References
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Sequence References:
EMBL: Z74051
EMBL: U23759
EMBL: Z48008
EMBL: Y14280
PIR: S50979
UniProtKB: Q12158
NCBI: NP_010281
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  • YGOB - Yeast Gene Order Browser
  • yMGV - yeast Microarray Global Viewer

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