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The MUMDB interface is decommissioned since June 2014.
To access the genome data please visit our Fungal Resources entry page
and follow the links to the Pedant and GBrowse resources in the respective project pages.

Welcome to the MIPS Ustilago maydis Database

The MIPS Ustilago maydis Genome Database aims to present information on the molecular structure and functional network of the entirely sequenced, filamentous fungus Ustilago maydis. The underlying sequence is the initial release of the high quality draft sequence of the Broad Institute. Please note the Broad Institute Disclaimer . The goal is to provide a comprehensive genome database in the Genome Research Environment in parallel with other fungal genomes to enable in depth fungal comparative analysis.


  • The complete gene call set has been manually processed and corrected if necessary. The project started with the Broad Institute gene call set (6522 gene models named 'um00001-um06522') as the initial gene calls. During the manual validation process, these calls were tagged as 'manually processed' or replaced by new gene calls ('um10xxx' or by adding an '.2' appendix).

  • The current valid gene call set is undergoing further refinements due to new evidence from related genomes, ESTs and RNA-Seq data.

  • A genome paper has been released in Nature on November 2nd 2006: Kämper et al. 'Insights from the genome of the biotrophic fungal plant pathogen Ustilago maydis'


  • 2012-05-22: The genome of the closely related species Ustilago hordei as well as MUHDB are public.

  • 2010-12-10: The genome of the closely related species Sporisorium reilianum as well as MSRDB are public.

  • 2007-05-07: All Contigs (except 6) are mapped to the 23 chromosomes. All coordinates are converted to chromosomal coordinates. New contig identifiers are chr01 - chr23.

  • 2006-05-11: GBrowse is integrated for graphical presentation of Genemodels, ESTs and GeneChip Probes

  • 2006-02-21: All contigs are now manually processed, totalling 19.7 Mb

  • 2004-08-01: The Ustilago maydis database goes online

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