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Welcome to the MIPS Fusarium graminearum Genome Database

Please note that the most recent version, the FG3 assembly is accessible in a new interface.

The MIPS Fusarium graminearum Genome Database aims to present information on the molecular structure and functional network of the entirely sequenced, filamentous fungus Fusarium graminearum (Anamorph of Gibberella zeae). The underlying sequence is the initial release of the high quality draft sequence of the Whitehead Center for Genome Research. Please note the Whitehead Institute Disclaimer . The goal is to provide a comprehensive genome database in the Genome Research Environment in parallel with other fungal genomes to enable in depth fungal comparative analysis.

This project started as part of the GEN-AU Project Virulence mechanisms of the plant pathogenic fungus Fusarium graminearum and resistance mechanisms in host plants coordinated by Dr. Gerhard Adam (BOKU, Vienna) and funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture, which has established the national genome programme GEN-AU (GENome Research in AUstria:

More on the outline of the Project


There is an onogoing effort to process all gene calls manually and thus, the number of genes is a moving target. Any evidence on wrong or correct gene calls is welcome. Please provide your data for manual detailed curation of the FGDB content. Thanks!


  • 2007-05-10: Gene call updates, > 4100 genes manually processed.

  • 2006-11-28: Gene call updates, > 3700 genes manually processed.

  • 2006-05-16: For graphical views of the data, GBrowse is integrated, visualizing gene models, ESTs and GeneChip probes.

  • 2006-05-08: Revision of brief gene descriptions and protein classifications.

  • 2006-03-20: Gene calls on contigs 41 - 55, 260 and 395 manually processed.

  • 2006-01-01: Publication 'Güldener U. et al. (2006) FGDB: a comprehensive fungal genome resource on the plant pathogen Fusarium graminearum. Nucl. Acids Res. 2006 34: D456-D458' available online.

  • 2005-10-26: Gene calls on contigs 1 - 40 and 110 manually processed.

  • 2005-01-25: Customizable searches using the Genome Information Search Engine (GISE) are implemented. Also searches across the Homology Space are possible.

  • 2005-01-19: Search for Functional Distribution of Gene Lists. In case you are interested in the functional distribution of e.g. a set of genes with up-or down-regulated expression you can retrieve the distribution using our FunCatDB.

  • 2005-01-19: Links for GeneChip probes matching the particular open reading frame (Matching probes) as well as a graphical view of the gene and the positions of matching probes on the contig are added in the gene entry reports.

  • 2004-11-24: The closest homologs and their taxonomy were derived from the SIMAP database and integrated as TAXONOMY catalog.

  • 2004-11-15: Integration of Interologs. Using the MIPS yeast protein-protein interaction data (MPact) and SIMAP, putative Fusarium interacting proteins are processed.

  • 2004-08-31: SIMAP, the Similarity Matrix of Proteins is integrated to display homologous proteins in taxonomic branches or SWISSPROT.

  • 2004-07-14: The MIPS draft call set is completely integrated in FGDB which enlarges the valid gene call set to ~ 13.700 entries. The MIPS draft calls are renamed to 'fgdxxx-xxx' (Contig-Ascending number).

  • 2004-05-10: Update of the functional classifications to FunCat Version 2.0. Catalogue and data files may be retrieved from the FTP site.

  • 2004-04-28: Links to alternate entries of the MIPS draft gene call set integrated. The complete draft gene set is available only in the PEDANT database Fgraminearum_draft.

  • 2004-03-29: Interpro Analysis updated to Version 7.1

  • 2004-03-25: TargetP analysis integrated.

  • 2004-03-09: SESAM - Seed Extraction Sequence Analysis Method integrated to find paralogous proteins.

  • 2004-02-05: The Fusarium graminearum genome database goes online.

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