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Diseases: Alzheimer disease - [OMIM]
Reference: Raber J(2008) AR, apoE, and cognitive function Horm Behav 53: 706-715 [PMID: 18395206]

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Comment At 6 months of age, apoE4 female showed impairments in hippocampus-dependent spatial learning and memory in the water maze. These impairments were observed in mice that express apoE4 in neurons or astrocytes and are therefore independent of the cellular source of apoE. They require apoE4 and are not seen in Apoe-/- female mice, consistent with a pathogenic gain of function of apoE4.
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Interaction-ID: 74174

gene/protein mutant

APOE (isoform E4)

decreases_activity of


spartial memory

in APOA4 female mice