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Diseases: Metabolic
Mus musculus
C57BL/6 mouse
Reference: Ma L et al.(2015) Effect of caloric restriction on the SIRT1/mTOR signaling pathways in senile mice Brain Res. Bull. 116: 67-72 [PMID: 26135885]

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Comment A CR diet (caloric restriction diet) could lead to activation of SIRT1 and suppression of mTOR and S6K1 activation in C57BL/6 mice. SIRT1 mRNA expression in the CR group was significantly higher than in the HE (high energy group) group, but there was no difference in SIRT1 protein expression among the three groups (CR, HE, normal control group NC). It was shown that the SIRT1/mTOR signaling pathways may be involved in the neuroprotective effect of CR.
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caloric restriction diet

increases_activity of



concerning mRNA expression.