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Diseases: Breast cancer - [OMIM]
Homo sapiens
L02 and HepG2 liver hepatocellular cells
Reference: Zhang W et al.(2016) Tris(2-chloroethyl)phosphate-induced cell growth arrest via attenuation of SIRT1-independent PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway J Appl Toxicol 36: 914-924 [PMID: 26378621]

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Comment SIRT1 overexpression negatively regulated the mTOR pathway by the TSC1/2 complex in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and HeLa cells (cited information). In other experiments SIRT1 potentially regulated mTOR signaling using a negative-feedback loop. SIRT1 overexpression can intensify its interaction with mTOR signaling, and then regulate cell metabolism, growth or survival. SIRT1 overexpression promoted cell survival through inhibiting mTOR signaling (cited information).
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decreases_activity of


TOR signaling

in mouse embryonic fibroblasts and HeLa cells; if SIRT1 is overexpressed, via TSC1-TSC2 complex.