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Id: 5,504
Diseases: Medulloblastoma - [OMIM]
Homo sapiens
Reference: Shou Y et al.A Five-Gene Hedgehog Signature Developed as a Patient Preselection Tool for Hedgehog Inhibitor Therapy in Medulloblastoma [PMID: 25473003]

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Comment Five differentially expressed genes in MB (GLI1, SPHK1, SHROOM2, PDLIM3, and OTX2) were found to associate with Hh pathway activation status. In an independent validation study, Hh activation status of 25 MB samples showed 100% concordance between the five-gene signature and Affymetrix profiling. Further, in MB samples from 50 patients treated with sonidegib, all six patients who responded were found to have Hh-activated tumors. Three patients with Hh-activated tumors had stable or progressive disease. No patients with Hh-nonactivated tumors responded.
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