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Diseases: Alzheimer disease - [OMIM]
Mus musculus
Reference: Robin NC et al.(2013) Simvastatin Promotes Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis by Enhancing Wnt/beta-Catenin Signaling Stem Cell Reports 2: 9-17 [PMID: 24511465]

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Comment Simva (=simvastatin) enhances Wnt signaling via depletion of isoprenoids and not cholesterol. Oral simva treatment enhances Wnt signaling in the mammalian adult hippocampus. This is significant in that aside from lithium, no other clinically approved compound has been demonstrated to enhance Wnt signaling in the brain. Addition of GGPP or FPP to simva-treated cells significantly reduced simva-mediated Wnt enhancement, while squalene did not have an effect. Since FPP is used to synthesize GGPP, the effect may be due to depletion of GGPP alone or a combination of FPP and GGPP depletion.
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Farnesyl pyrophosphate

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