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Diseases: Circadian rhythm
Homo sapiens
Reference: Robles MS et al.(2010) Identification of RACK1 and protein kinase Calpha as integral components of the mammalian circadian clock Science 327: 463-466 [PMID: 20093473]

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Comment Receptor for activated C kinase-1 (RACK1) and protein kinase C-alpha (PKCalpha) were recruited in a circadian manner into a nuclear BMAL1 complex during the negative feedback phase of the cycle. Overexpression of RACK1 and PKCalpha suppressed CLOCK-BMAL1 transcriptional activity, and RACK1 stimulated phosphorylation of BMAL1 by PKCalpha in vitro. Depletion of endogenous RACK1 or PKCalpha from fibroblasts shortened the circadian period, demonstrating that both molecules function in the clock oscillatory mechanism.
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Core clock complex

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