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Interactor1 (Subject) Interaction type Interactor2 (Object) additional information
44829 protein kinase B signaling increases_phosphorylation of BAD increased Ser136 phosphorylation was observed as early as 12 hpi
44830 Protein kinase A increases_phosphorylation of BAD Ser155 phosphorylation levels increased between 24 and 48 hpi
44831 protein kinase B signaling decreases_activity of BAD
44832 Protein kinase A decreases_activity of BAD
44833 BAD increases_activity of host cell apoptosis
24028560 Q fever
44834 Protein kinase A increases_phosphorylation of BAD
24028560 Q fever
44852 BAD is localized in C. burnetii containing vacuole, CCV with the membrane of PV
44854 Protein kinase A affects_activity of BAD resulting in sequestering Bad away from mitochondria during apoptosis after C. burnetii infection
24028560 Q fever