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Diseases: Pseudomonas aeruginosa diseases
pathogen-host system
Pseudomonas aeruginosa/mammalia
Confluent monolayers of MDCK epithelial cells, apically infected with P. aeruginosa strain PAK or PAO1
Reference: Tran CS et al.(2014) The Pseudomonas aeruginosa type III translocon is required for biofilm formation at the epithelial barrier PLoS Pathog. 10 [PMID: 25375398]

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Comment The results in MDCK cells show that the T3SS translocon (popB/popD) is required for cell-associated aggregation, whereas the known T3SS effectors exoS, T, Y) are not required. In a murine model of acute pneumonia this has been confirmed.
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as shown on MDCK epithelial cells and in a murine model of acute neumonia