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Id: 4,507
Diseases: Pseudomonas aeruginosa diseases
pathogen-host system
Pseudomonas aeruginosa/mammalia
Black Swiss Surfactant Protein-D (SP-D) knock-out mice, infected with P. aeruginosa strain PAO1
Reference: Hritonenko V et al.(2011) Adenylate cyclase activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ExoY can mediate bleb-niche formation in epithelial cells and contributes to virulence Microb. Pathog. 51: 305-312 [PMID: 21843628]

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Comment The adenylate cyclase activity of ExoY can contribute to virulence of P. aeruginosa in a susceptible mouse cornea. The corneal epithelium of these mouse model have increased susceptibility to penetration by wild-type P. aeruginosa in vivo. Corneal disease severity showed significantly reduced disease scores for eyes that had been infected with the adenylate cyclase mutant ExoY as compared to eyes infected with the active form of ExoY .
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Interaction-ID: 45102



increases_activity of


P. aeruginosa infection

as shown in a mouse model 24 h and 48 h post-inoculation