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Diseases: Q fever
pathogen-host system
Coxiella burnetii/mammalia
THP-1 cells or HeLa cells, infected with C. burnetii Dugway, carrying plasmid QpDG
Reference: Maturana P et al.(2013) Refining the plasmid-encoded type IV secretion system substrate repertoire of Coxiella burnetii J. Bacteriol. 195: 3269-3276 [PMID: 23687269]

Interaction Information:

Comment The Legionella pneumophila translocation assay of infected THP-1 cells showed four new QpDG plasmid associated Dot/Icm substrates, CpeI-CpeL. In addition they isolated the effector CbuDA0063a (CpeH) which corresponds to CBUA0034 of plasmid QpH1. CpeL is only present in Dugway.
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