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Diseases: Q fever
pathogen-host system
Coxiella burnetii/mammalia
HeLa and Vero cells, infected with C. burnetii strain NMII, or the isogenic icmL::Tn mutant
Reference: Carey KL et al.(2011) The Coxiella burnetii Dot/Icm system delivers a unique repertoire of type IV effectors into host cells and is required for intracellular replication PLoS Pathog. 7 [PMID: 21637816]

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Comment The Dot/Icm secretion system is essential for C. burnetii intracellular replication. The authors analysed the formation of large CCVs (Coxiella-containing vaculoles) containing replicating C. burnetii NMII, and a complete absence of large vacuoles containing replicating bacteria for the isogenic icmL::Tn mutant.
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increases_activity of


Coxiella burnetii replication

in HeLa and Vero cells