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Diseases: Q fever
pathogen-host system
CHO-cells, or Raw microphages overexpressing EGFP-Rab1b or EGFP-Rab1b Q67L, infected with C. burnetii NM phase II
Reference: Campoy EM et al.(2011) The early secretory pathway contributes to the growth of the Coxiella-replicative niche Infect. Immun. 79: 402-413 [PMID: 20937765]

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Comment Brefeldin A, a protein transport inhibitor, disassembles the Golgi apparatus and causes a a significant decrease in the CRV (Coxiella replicative vacuole) size compared to untreated cells. Thus, it can be shown that disruption of the secretory pathway alters the size of the spacious Coxiella-vacuole.
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secretory pathway

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