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Mus musculus
OP9-Wnt3a secreting stromal cell or OP-9-control cells
Reference: Malhotra S and Kincade PW(2009) Canonical Wnt pathway signaling suppresses VCAM-1 expression by marrow stromal and hematopoietic cells Exp. Hematol. 37: 19-30 [PMID: 18951693]

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Comment Hematopoietic cells formed very few cobblestones when cultured on Wnt3a transduced rather than wild-type stromal cells that do not make Wnt3a. [Method: cobblestone formation assay, OP9 stromal cells Wnt3a secreting or control]
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decreases_activity of


cobblestone formation

of HSC (KSL) in vitro